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About Varied / Hobbyist Mah name is Reana but feel free to call me Ine or Ree ^-^ Sazuka or Sazu works too c:21/Female/United States Recent Activity
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Sazuka's World Map by SazukaXDeidara4Ever
Sazuka's World Map
Yeah not sure if u can read the text or not but there it is (finally -3-) ^-^

If u have questions lemme know and if u can help me think of a better name for the Kano family (that resides in the Moon Province) it wud REALLY help. Their ability is that they are virtually immune to foreign substances such as poisons illness and medicines. Their current clan name is the Warder clan (which sucks and need schanging ASAP TTnTT)
Sazuka's New Story by SazukaXDeidara4Ever
Sazuka's New Story
YES! Sazuka officially has her own story now! No longer is she a Naruto OC! :dummy:

Yea yea, i know i got a habit of, like, NOT completing my stuff but still! I just feel like sharing it nonetheless c:

Now a little about the characters!!! :D
On the left is Arashi Harada; the son of a farmer and lives on his small grain farm with his mother Midori. He's pretty straight forward and a little of a clowner but he means well and doesn't take shit from nobody! XD He's also got a secret that only himself and his best friend know about~ ;D

On the right is Yusuke Kazegawa; a member of the Razor Wind ninja clan and second born son the the its leader, Nobu. His brother, Hayate, disappeared when he was 12 and everyone assumes that he's dead. As such, Yusuke is the next leader of their clan and has been engaged to Momoko Hanahime, a member of the Petal Dancer clan. However, Yusuke outright refuses to marry her. Not only because he still believes his brother's alive, but also because he's saving his hand for...someone else. :P

And obviously Sazuka's in the middle ^-^

And just a bit more, Arashi and Yusuke are practically brothers (despite Yusuke's family's disdain over it) and Sazuka met them when she was 8 c:

Yep that's all for now ^-^ may add more pics later; never know :P
Finally. After years of incompletion....I finally managed to finish a story. :iconfinallyplz:

So a month or two ago, I had started working on an OC yugioh fix and I ACTUALLY managed to finish the story! I'm so proud I can't even explain! ^0^

Basically, it's about Rina Ito, a girl orphaned at age 8. She is sent to the orphanage and meets Kaibab ad a kid. They get close after like 2 years and Kaibab tried to have Gozaburo take all 3 of them, but he lied and left Rina behind. A few months later she's adopted by...someone else and Kaibab feels bad cut when he went back for her she was gone.

Anyways, bottom line, it's a love story between Rina Kaiba and a fairly jealous Yami and i love the way it came out, even if Kaiba is a little OOC and just as soon as I get my laptop back and I start typing it up, I'll start posting it ^-^

Yay for the second thing I've ever completed in my life!!!! :iconlawooplz:
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Old Time's Sake by SazukaXDeidara4Ever
Old Time's Sake
Just felt like drawin' Sazuka and Kaz with their Pokémon again....for old time's sake ^-^

Kaz belongs to :iconscouterv:


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Mah name is Reana but feel free to call me Ine or Ree ^-^ Sazuka or Sazu works too c:
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